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  • SW10009
AFPWorX is an amazing analyzing tool for your AFP (Advanced Function Presentation) data. Perfect... more
Product information "AFPWorX Pro+"

AFPWorX is an amazing analyzing tool for your AFP (Advanced Function Presentation) data. Perfect for understanding the building blocks of your print streams, mastering printing challenges and performing last minute changes - even to very large production files. AFPWorX Pro+ allows you to view, print, validate and edit AFP Files, additional functions are extracting/including resources, anonymizing AFP text and full text search.

Analyze & Modify your AFP data

Using AFPWorX you will see all structured fields, triplets, self defining fields, GOCA commands, ... that build an AFP file. An easy to use tree structure guides you through your data - while explaining the meaning of those fields as well as allowing you to modify any value.

  • Easy navigation through AFP data
  • Descriptive explaination of structured fields
  • Drop down boxes with allowed values
  • Easy editing (no Hex Editor!)
  • Copy & Paste

Understand your AFP data

AFPWorX comes with an integrated viewer that understands how a structured field is represented on a page and allows you to select fields by just clicking at them. So you can find e.g. the BIM that creates an image very fast.

  • Powerful viewer included
  • Find structured fields by clicking on a page

Validate your AFP

AFPWorX Pro+ validates your AFP files against the MO:DCA specification. That helps you find print problems long before printing - and Pro+ also is able to fix the most common problems automatically.

Extract your resources

You need to use a certain font, codepage, image, … in another file? - Simply copy & paste it. Or you extract it as an AFP resource to your local harddisk. - For object containers (e.g. TrueType Fonts or PDF) AFPWorX can also store it in their native (.ttf, .pdf) form.

View, print and edit AFP: Yes
PDF Object Container: Yes
Fulltext Search: Yes
Validate AFP: Yes
Auto Fix AFP Problems: Yes
Check for outside printable area: Yes
Preflight: Yes
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